CNC sawing machine

1, fully automatic, high efficiency, simple operation, greatly save labor, 1 worker can operate multiple card bank sawing machine, 2, touch screen operation, the operation information at a glance; 3, high-strength bed body, very suitable for heavy cutting, sawing speed, endurance, can be all-weather non-stop sawing ...

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High-speed circular saw machine

Fully automatic high-speed metal circular saw machine can be sawn off carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials. The machine tool structure is mainly composed of machine tool body, power head part, feed system, clamping device, automatic feed feed, feed deflection device, automatic flipping rack, material distribution device, hydraulic system...

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Small plate with saw blade

1, complete specifications of the complete product line, with a variety of widths and pitch, to meet different sawing needs; 2, unique profile design can achieve metal and non-metallic intensive production sawing; 3, the scope of application: very suitable for a variety of metal production sawing, suitable for solid materials and hollow material sawing ...

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Aluminium saw blade

1, the head of the use of imported alloy head, combined with Germany's high-precision grinding equipment, to ensure the precision and temperature of saw blade;

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Reasons to choose us

The company inherits advanced manufacturing technology and management mode of sawing equipment, focusing on the design, manufacture and sales of high-end automatic cutting equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high stability.

Based on the capital of sawing machines in China, it provides a full range of one-stop sawing solutions for the entire Chinese market.

Reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with several sawing brands at home and abroad 30 to build the first sawing brand supermarket in China.

Perfect after-sales service, free installation, free training, life-long maintenance.

4Large R&D base, 25 years of sawing experience, 23000 user experience.

High efficiency, high precision, high stability, low energy consumption and low labor only create higher value for users.

A full range of sawing products, only to provide products more suitable for you

Zhejiang Kaku Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kaku Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in CNC sawing machines, metal band sawing machines, aluminum band sawing machines, fully automatic gantry band sawing machines, circular sawing machines, circular saws, circular saw blades, high-speed circular sawing machines, automatic band sawing machines, alloy sawing Machine, band saw blades, aluminum plate saw production, wholesale, maintenance, the company in line with Kaku sawing, serving China's business philosophy, to provide Chinese users with one-stop sawing solutions and 360 degree gold service.